Transparent 1
Mixed media on wood panel
30x40 inches

The inspiration for this series titled WIDE OPEN:transparent was based on things with wings, or rather that which is able to fly. Like my spirit in its new found fury and its vast appreciation for being something new, something free from the confines of what it was yesterday, like a caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly, the transition has morphed me from hibernation to unfolding my wings and saying yeah, this just happened and I like it.

The transformation into this new series has been uplifting and deeply personal. I have allowed for a shift to occur and embraced the changes with trust and honesty. It is in this latest transgression of transparency that I have evoked emotions I had previously been unaware of. I have meditated, healed and opened up the untapped messages that play across the canvas in rich layers of black and white and what happens in between.