Wide Open 1
Mixed media on wood panel
30x60 inches
First Flight

This series was created in the months that followed Lori returning from 6 months in Europe. It shows an evolution of discovery taking elements from previously favoured techniques and the metamorphosis into new techniques and elements altogether.

As you scroll through the work it evolves from the use of different papers, colour and a smoother texture to bolder contrasts, deeper blacks, whites & greys, no use of paper or collage of any kind but instead drawing on the painting more, creating a freedom in the physical movement of making a mark. It was a new found freedom about giving oneself permission to accept mistakes and opening up to being vulnerable. To expose these new found freedoms it began to feel like I was stretching out wide open and letting myself fly! Staying within the limitations of using only black and white, any colour variations were naturally created by the diluting of whichever black was used at the time.

Wide Open the title and series was inspired by this created freedom and by the words of a little girl to her mother, “Fly with your Wings Wide Open”